Maggard Elder Law Website Development Case Study


Maggard Elder Law is a law firm based in Kentucky that specializes in elder law, estate planning, and Medicaid planning. The firm approached our agency with a goal of creating a new website that would better reflect their brand, services, and expertise.


Maggard Elder Law caters to seniors and their families who are looking for assistance in planning for their future. They wanted a website that was easy to navigate, informative, and would attract new clients seeking their expertise.


Our agency worked closely with the client to understand their brand and their target audience. The design process included extensive research and analysis of their competitors, their current website, and best practices in the legal industry. The design was modern and professional, with a focus on easy navigation and a clean user interface. The color scheme was kept in-line with the brand guidelines and included colors that evoked trust, reliability, and authority.


The website was built on the WordPress platform, utilizing custom templates and plugins to ensure fast load times and optimal functionality. The site was optimized for search engines, with keyword research being done to target relevant search terms in the client’s local area. The site’s content was also optimized to reflect the target keywords and to ensure a good user experience for visitors. The site was tested thoroughly on multiple devices and browsers to ensure that it was responsive and easy to use.


After the site was developed, extensive testing was done to ensure its functionality and compatibility. The testing process included functional testing, performance testing, and usability testing. Any issues identified during testing were resolved before the site was launched.


The new website resulted in a significant increase in traffic and a lower bounce rate compared to the old website. The website’s traffic increased by 60%, with the majority of the traffic coming from search engines. The bounce rate was reduced by 40%, indicating that visitors were finding the site more engaging and informative. The client was also able to attract new clients who found them through the website and converted into paying customers.


Overall, the new website was a success, meeting the client’s goals of attracting more traffic, reducing bounce rates, and increasing conversions. The new site also helped to position Maggard Elder Law as a professional and reliable law firm in the local area. We continue to work with Maggard Elder Law to improve their website’s performance and provide ongoing support.

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