Maui Real Estate Ohana Website Case Study


Maui Real Estate Ohana is a leading real estate agency that provides exceptional services to homebuyers and sellers in Maui, Hawaii. The agency approached Oxal Web with the goal of creating a website that would showcase their properties, services, and expertise to potential clients. Our team was excited to work on this project and create a visually stunning and user-friendly website for Maui Real Estate Ohana.


Maui Real Estate Ohana caters to clients who are looking to buy or sell real estate properties in Maui. The client wanted a website that would showcase their unique properties, provide detailed information about their services, and establish their expertise in the local real estate market.


Our team worked closely with the client to understand their vision, brand values, and target audience. We created a design that was clean, modern, and visually stunning, incorporating the colors of Maui’s natural beauty. The design was optimized for user experience and easy navigation, with clear calls to action throughout the site.


The website was developed on WordPress, utilizing custom templates and plugins to ensure optimal performance and security. Our team optimized the website for search engines, using keyword research to target relevant search terms in the client’s industry and local area. The site was also optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that visitors could easily access and navigate the site on their smartphones and tablets.


The website featured a comprehensive list of properties, with detailed descriptions, photos, and virtual tours. The site also included a blog section where the client could share insights, market updates, and tips with their audience. The site’s resource section provided visitors with valuable information about the local real estate market, including market reports, buyer and seller guides, and FAQs. The site also included a contact form, making it easy for potential clients to schedule a consultation.


Before the site was launched, our team conducted extensive testing to ensure its functionality and compatibility. The testing process included functional testing, performance testing, and usability testing. Any issues identified during testing were addressed and resolved before the site went live.


The new website resulted in a significant increase in traffic and leads for Maui Real Estate Ohana. The site’s traffic increased by 40% within the first month, with a majority of the traffic coming from search engines. The bounce rate decreased by 20%, indicating that visitors were finding the site more engaging and informative. The blog section helped the client establish their authority and thought leadership in the local real estate market, attracting more followers and subscribers. The client was also able to secure new clients who found them through the website.


The new website successfully achieved the client’s goals of improving their online presence, generating leads, and establishing their brand as a trusted and reliable real estate agency in Maui. Our team continues to work with the client to monitor and improve the site’s performance and provide ongoing support.

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